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NGS data analysis

SmartSeq provides integrated analysis of NGS data and develops tools for the analysis, visualisation and exploration of data.

Bioinformatics services

We offer a complete service of custom bioinformatics analysis, database customization and implementation, wet and dry support for RNASeq, metagenomics and SNPs identification.

Sequencing services

SmartSeq team offers to customers both in-house and outsourced NGS sequencing services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

If you need any further information, any specific solutions for data management, or, if you wish to receive any consultancy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bioinformatics has become an invaluable resource to help researchers deal with the growing number of biological databases, "omics" resources, and high-throughput technologies (i.e. microarrays and deep sequencing). Extracting relevant information from the enormous quantity of data available and process NGS data can be frustrating and often requires specialized, dedicated staff. Bioinformatics data involves highly technical operations like data format conversion, database updating, or work-flow automation. These, in turn, can divert valuable time from researchers focused on the scientific core of the project. To circumvent this hassle and optimize productivity for you and your lab, SmartSeq offers a wide suite of services.